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Information on Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is considered by many researchers to be miracle medicine believed to be able cure serious illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes and even AIDS. But why Cannabis? What makes it so special? Where is it from and what can it be use for? We will discuss these questions in detail!

About The Marijuana Plant

There are many mentions of Cannabis in the writings of ancient scholars and wise men. It used to be called 'Panaceas' which means 'cure-all'. Cannabis was also legal in the united states up until 1937 and was sold as a nerve tonic. There are more than 60 chemicals in Cannabis that can be used for medicine. How is Cannabis superior to other medicines? It is safer, cheap, easy to make and does not have any dangerous side affects.

Dronabinol is an imitation of  Cannabis however it is not very popular with patients as Cannabis has a calming factor.  There is also a lot of paper work involved when selling Dronabinol and therefore chemists don't want to stock it. Long story short, Cannabis as a medicine is far superior than any artificial medicine according to the available research.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Oil

Our FAQ focuses on answering all the common questions regarding cannabis oil.

1) How does Cannabis work?

Our brains are primed to react with compounds such as THC and other Cannabinoids. Whether it is created by our own body or ingested through Marijuana use those compounds react with receptors in our brains called the endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in appetite, mood, memory, and pain sensation.

2) Are there safety concerns with Medical Cannabis?

There is no evidence to suggest that there is long term damaging affects in adults. The only confirmed, long term affect of smoking Marijuana is chronic bronchitis. Also, a study found that people who started smoking marijuana when they were teenagers have lower IQ's than those who started when adults.

3) Why haven’t there been any more clinical trials?

Due to legislature it has been difficult for researchers to do tests and get results without fear of prosecution.

4) What sort of mixture should I use? What purity of the oil is good enough?

The right type of Cannabis oil is a 100% Pure Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). This oil should contain no dangerous substances or heavy metals. Ask your supplier regarding chemical data sheets for the solvents used during the manufacturing process. Any heavy metal substances such as lead found in isopropil alcohol is poisonous and possibly lethal

5) Are there any Side Affects of Cannabis Oil?

The possible side affects of taking the oil is:

  • Disorientation
  • Heavyheadedness
  • Thirst
  • Hunger (munchies)
  • Dry eyes
  • Sometimes paranoya
  • The 'high' sensation

6) At what time during the day should I take Cannabis Oil?

Its advisable to take your oil before going to bed in order to sleep through these possible side affects. Once a tolerance level has been established the side affects will lesson or disappear completely.

7) When will my Tolerance to Cannabis Oil improve?

The average amount of time required to build a viable tolerance level is between 7 - 28 days.

8) What Diseases can be Treated with Cannabis oil

According to many studies smoking Marijuana can heal many diseases. The Cannabis oil is considered to be far superior therefore it should be able to treat, at least, the symptoms of the following illnesses: