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Will Marijuana Cure Diabetes

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Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases where the person has high blood sugar because there isn't enough insulin being produced or the body doesn't respond well to insulin.


  • Frequent Urination
  • Constant Thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Genital itching or thrush
  • Cuts take longer to heal
  • Blurred vision

Should you be experiencing these symptoms please contact a medical professional for a proper diagnosis. Also, ask your doctor about Cannabis Oil as a treatment.

Research and Testimonials of how Cannabis Oil can be used to help treat Diabetes

AAMC States that Cannabis can have several benefits for Diabetes Sufferers

(Information from Click here for full Article)
The benefits that are mentioned in the article are as follows:

  • Stabilized Blood Sugars
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Neuroprotective affects
  • Anti-Spasmodic agents
  • Acts as an Vasoldilator
  • Contributes to lower blood pressure over time
  • Calming Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

There are other benefits such as cooking with Cannabis butter can improve cardiac and arterial health. Creams made out of Cannabis also relieve neuropathic pain and tingling hands and feet.

Do you have a testimony? Did cannabis heal your Diabetes? Tell us in the comments below!

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