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Vulvar Cancer and Cannabis Oil

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The most common types of Vulvar Cancer

Vulvar squamous cell carcinoma. This cancer begins in the thin, flat cells that line the surface of the vulva. Most vulvar cancers are squamous cell carcinomas.
Vulvar melanoma. This cancer begins in the pigment-producing cells found in the skin of the vulva.

Symptoms of Vulvar Cancer

  • A lump or growth in or on the vulvar area
  • A patch of skin that is differently textured or colored than the rest of the vulvar area
  • Persistent itching, pain, soreness, or burning in the vulvar area
  • Painful urination
  • Bleeding or discharge that is not menstrual blood
  • An ulcer that persists for more than 1 month
  • A change in the appearance of an existing mole (this symptom is for vulvar melanoma specifically)
  • Wart-like growths that are similar to genital warts

Research and Testimonials of how Cannabis Oil can be used to help treat Bladder Cancer

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"After I was diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer I took the alternative route to shrinking my tumor/s instead of having that painful surgery which only had a 50% success rate, I used cannabis oil and so far it has shrinked the original tumor, both inside and out and my tumors are almost 100% non existent. Thanks to Cannabis Oil."

Corry Yelland

(Information from Click here for full Article)

Not only did the cannabis oil cured Corry Yelland's cancer it also helped her with her chronic debilitating pain from a maligned sternum and poststernotomy neuralgia/syndrome.

By using Cannabis oil Corry is now cancer free.