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Paranasal Sinus and Cannabis Oil

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Symptoms of Paranasal Sinus cancer

It is believed that some risk factors, such as workplace exposure to certain chemicals, may cause these types of cancers by damaging the DNA of cells that line the inside of the nose and sinuses.

  • Nasal congestion and stuffiness
  • Pain above or below the eyes
  • Blockage of one side of the nose
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Nosebleeds
  • Pus draining from the nose
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Numbness or pain in parts of the face
  • Loosening or numbness of the teeth
  • Growth or mass of the face, nose, or palate
  • Constant watery eyes
  • Bulging of one eye
  • Loss or change in vision
  • Pain or pressure in one of the ears
  • Trouble opening the mouth
  • Lymph nodes in the neck getting larger

Research and Testimonials of how Cannabis Oil can be used to help treat Bladder Cancer

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Medical Marijuana and Sinusitis Congestion

Medical marijuana has been shown to be a bronchodilator. This can help individuals who have sinusitis and difficulty breathing breathe a little easier.

Sinus Pain from Sinusitis

Medical marijuana can relieve nerve pain, headache pain, muscle pain and more. Medical marijuana can reduce dependency on opiates by replacing their pain relieving effects. They can relieve pain in chronic pain sufferers.

Inflammation in Sinusitis

Cannabinoids have been shown to produce an anti-inflammatory effect.