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Ocular Melanoma and Cannabis Oil

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Symptoms of Ocular Melanoma
It's not clear what causes eye melanoma, also called ocular melanoma. Ocular melanoma occurs when the DNA of healthy eye cells develop errors. These errors cause the cells to multiply out of control, the mutated cells then collects in the eye and form a melanoma.

  • Problems with vision (blurry vision or sudden loss of vision)
  • Floaters (spots or squiggles drifting in the field of vision) or flashes of light
  • Visual field loss (losing part of your field of sight)
  • A growing dark spot on the colored part of the eye (iris)
  • Change in the size or shape of the pupil (the dark spot in the center of the eye)
  • Change in position of the eyeball within its socket
  • Bulging of the eye
  • Change in the way the eye moves within the socket

Research and Testimonials of how Cannabis Oil can be used to help treat Eye Cancer

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Brian Dwyer, Waldo Dwyer's father

At first, Waldo was a healthy, happy baby, but six months into his life, his parents made an alarming observation. We started noticing a reflection in his eye, and a gray mass.

They took him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with eye cancer and terrifying prospect for a six-month-old child and he had a 50 percent chance of losing his eye. “Anyone in new parent territory doesn’t want to think about charting those waters,”

BUT Today Waldo is tumor free, an active, outgoing kid full of energy, thanks in part, his parents say, to cannabis oil.