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Adrenal Cancer and Cannabis Oil

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Adrenal Cancer is a Cancer that is found in the Adrenal Gland right above the kidneys. The Adrenal Gland consists of two parts namely the Cortex and the Medulla. Most Tumors occur in the Cortex which is responsible for making certain hormones.


There are believed to be no symptoms and this type of cancer is usually found on accident.

Research and Stories of how Cannabis Oil can be used to help treat Adrenal Cancer

There is no official research available but there are stories of people who used Cannabis Oil to treat their cancer.

Joanne Crowther

(Information from Click here for full Article)

Joanne Cowther was diagnosed with many forms of Cancer. One of them was Adrenal cancer. She also had Brain Cancer and a growth in her thigh. She couldn't handle anymore Chemo so she decided to use Cannabis Oil. Her doctors reported that since being off Chemo she has been recovering remarkably well. The growth in her thigh went away and she is improving everyday.

Although there are no official reports that Cannabis Oil indeed has an affect on Adrenal Cancer, we urge all our readers to exercise caution. Until Marijuana is legalized we look to testimonials and peoples stories for the truth. It's stories like the one above that lead us to believe that Cannabis Oil is the miracle drug we have all been waiting for.

Tell us your story and spread the word about how Cannabis has treated you!

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